Freya Hill


Some Kind of Wonderful

The photo above was taken at the island Tiri Tiri Matangi. It’s a magical place, in the Hauraki Gulf and accessibly by a ferry from downtown Auckland.  Going there feels special because you can only approach it by boat, and only a few people are able to stay each night. It also feels like one…

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Don’t Fear The Reaper : La Plagne Part II

And so there I was, sliding down the slopes of La Plagne in Savoie, with Blue Oyster Cult’s ‘Don’t Fear the Reaper’ playing on a loop in my head.  That 70s guitar riff playing out in my head as I did my best to control my speed and follow the girl in front of me,…

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(Mother’s Day came and went last Sunday, as did Mum’s 39th wedding anniversary. I sent chocolate and wrote this in my head. It’s now made it to paper. (With supporting quotes from He Waiata Mo Te Kare 8 – James K Baxter ) — ‘No, Mum, I can’t do it. Go on without me.’ ‘You…

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The Road To Ruapuke – 2012 In Review

We each agreed not to drown as help would be about a 10 minute sprint away and it would be frightfully unfair on the other one to have to face such physical exertion and emotional distress on such a lovely evening. We splashed about at a moderate pace and depth for a good few minutes,…

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Creative Compulsion

It was a quintessential Kiwi moment. We’d turned up at the gig venue in plenty of time, only to find ourselves in a very suburban little street, in front of a very relaxed looking old house with a path that wound down to an old wooden shed. Exchanging glances, we walked along the path. Once…

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Silas Marner – The Next Generation

  I read the novel Silas Marner when I was about 14, and I remember two things about it: there was an elderly male character, and that I didn’t really enjoy it. In fact, I trudged through it, page by page lamenting my lack of enjoyment until I finished it. Yet, in reading the entirety…

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Police Care

One Careful Lady Owner

‘I’m sorry, constable, it’s a rental. I’m not au fait with how it works’ is never a great opening line when you’ve been pulled over by the police.  In fact ‘I’m not au fait with …’ is probably a phrase best avoided when speaking to the police, period.  The poor Hastings cop, starting off his…

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‘We’re not tourists…We’re just in between homes.’

‘It’s ok, we’re not tourists’ smiled my friend, Liv, to the bemused young guys on the 333 bus heading to Bondi.  Each with a large suitcase, and that ‘I’ve been travelling all day’ look, it was a reasonable assumption that we might yet another pair of young tourist tripping out to Bondi. ‘We’re actually moving’…

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Faux Hippies on Fantasy Island

I didn’t want to tell Sarah, but secretly I didn’t mind Crowded House…but this wasn’t the time or place for truths like that. For her, hearing ‘Weather With You’ through the floorboards at 3am was a special kind of torture, and I certainly wasn’t wildly impressed myself.  The flippys had got us again. A New…

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Redhead on the right

Ummm thanks: On How to Properly Receive a Compliment

    My name is Freya Hill, and I have red hair. What more is there to say- it’s an objective fact. I was, in the words of Lady Gaga, born this way. I don’t spend much time thinking about the colour of my hair, and occasionally when I see photos of myself I think-…

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