Freya Hill



Liquid Gold: Lewis Road Creamery and Whittakers Chocolate’s Co-branding success

  “It’s a world gone made” muttered the Saturday supermarket shopper, as he pushed his trolley passed the queue waiting patiently near the milk section of the New World supermarket. The queue had about 12 people in it when I walked by at 12.30pm. According to the staff member I talked to, the queue had…

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Hip Vegetables: From New York PR Agency to New Zealand Garden

I wasn’t sure if kale, that wild fronded brassica vegetable, would go in the indian curry I was making, but I put it in anyway. I had the kale in my fridge because Mum had given me some from her garden. She was growing it in her garden thanks to a New York PR mogul by…

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Rollin’ In Da Burbs

Oh how the times have changed. I was raised in a Toyota Hiace; I mean this almost literally. From the ages of 5 years to 18 years, my family’s chief vehicle was the Hiace van, Bertie the Bus. Before Bertie came to us, he had been a plumber’s van. Even as a primary school kid I…

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