Freya Hill



By George! Trends in Brands’ Names

What a shameless ploy, to use the image of a famous hollywood hunk to grab your attention. Can you name him though? Did I hear you say ‘George Clooney?” – By George, you’re right! ‘George Clooney,’ is probably the best known of the #brand’s going by the name ‘George’ at the moment, but he is…

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Rollin’ In Da Burbs

Oh how the times have changed. I was raised in a Toyota Hiace; I mean this almost literally. From the ages of 5 years to 18 years, my family’s chief vehicle was the Hiace van, Bertie the Bus. Before Bertie came to us, he had been a plumber’s van. Even as a primary school kid I…

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Too Many To Choose

I like yoghurt, and so when I’m doing the grocery #shopping, the yoghurt aisle is a place I always linger. I probably spend upwards of 30 seconds pondering and inspecting my options before making a #choice. 30 seconds is a long time when you consider most other items in my trolley are a ‘grab and…

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Keeping Up With The Jones

Countdown Supermarket has recently launched a new ‘soap opera’ style marketing campaign. ‘Meet the Colemans’ introduces the potential customer to the fictional Coleman family, who are designed to represent the typical Kiwi family. The campaign gives the family a back-story, and a developing storyline. We are encouraged to see to see ourselves in the Colemans….

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Lulu Loyalty

Oprah has a lot to answer for. The whooping, the hollering, that infamous couch-jumping incident of a middle aged movie star, and of course the mass hysteria (and rocketing sales) which surround any product linked to Brand Oprah. Recently, Oprah released her annual ‘Ultimate Favourite Things’ list. The list is made of products Oprah feels…

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