Freya Hill


Superman’s Bad Day

This post really should be titled ‘The Power of #failure’, but that sounded too much like the title you’d see for some kind of wacky TV self-help show which you accidentally end up watching in those insomniac hours between night and morning.  Plus I rather liked the photo, taken outside a museum in Berlin. The…

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Keeping Up With The Jones

Countdown Supermarket has recently launched a new ‘soap opera’ style marketing campaign. ‘Meet the Colemans’ introduces the potential customer to the fictional Coleman family, who are designed to represent the typical Kiwi family. The campaign gives the family a back-story, and a developing storyline. We are encouraged to see to see ourselves in the Colemans….

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The Unbearable Lightness of Being (…young and educated today)

I have a dear friend who is a law student. My friend works incredibly hard at her studies, and will no doubt be a successful lawyer.  Last month I visited her, and we had some very interesting conversations about what it means to be a young, educated person today.  Undeniably, young adults in 2011 have…

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