Freya Hill


Dialogues With The World : Story Telling

  For all the reservations I might have had about her novel, I could not fault her as someone to listen to. Eleanor Catton, speaking at the Auckland Writers Festival, was interesting and interested. She implored her sell-out audience to think about conversations, and engaging in dialogues – not just pouring out monologues. She pressed…

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Trompe-l’œil: On reading Eleanor Catton’s The Luminaries

  I took it camping with me over New Year, I took it up north over ANZAC weekend. I talked about it in work meetings (‘Is it a good story? I like a good story.’),  discussed it in Wellington (‘Im about half way through.’ ‘Me too’ ‘I keep forgetting which characters are which…might write it…

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I Will Bring You Stories

It’s 45 degrees outside but in my hotel room it’s cool and sanitised. I sit, perched on the end of the two-seater couch, talking into the landline phone, to a voice half a world away. A familiar voice beaming into my other, alternate world of #travel and hotel rooms, taxis and airplanes, and places that you see once and…

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DIY: For Recreational Use Only

Earlier this year I had a small life pause.  I had finished one life in Sydney and wasn’t sure quite where or when the next life would start, so I was at home with my parents for a ‘Winter of dis(content)’. On one hand it was great – lots of time to do things, little…

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Seasonal Confusion

#christmas has taken my mind. It’s been replaced by a mince pie, a plate of bbq food and an afternoon nap.  I’ve given up trying to rationalise and justify to myself why it’s ok that I eat poorly, drink more and exercise less. The great Christmas/New Years/#summer Holiday ‘silly season’ is upon us. From mid-December…

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Oral Indicators

I was talking to a Canadian recently about the raised-in-#canada Hollywood actor Ryan Reynolds. I remarked that Reynolds was doing quite well (he was voted People magazine’s 2010 Sexiest Man Alive) and then I commented that ‘He would have had to dump his Canadian accent when he crossed the border.’ The Canadian I was talking…

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