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Let Your Love

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Last weekend, a couple of cool cats I care for, celebrated their love by getting married. It was a fabulously fun and inclusive day, with friends and family contributing their talents in many ways. Sarah suggested I give a reading, and maybe a poem, and maybe a poem I had written? I’m not much of poetry-creator, more a poetry-reader and analyzer, so I threw a little something together by standing on the shoulders of giants, and borrowing from a few of my favourite poets.


Let Your Love

Let your love be like a flax rope, that weaves together two lives, That is made stronger as each day passes.  Like another tiny thread that adds its strength to the rope.The rope that tethers you in stormy winds.

Let your love be a compass that guides you, like the compass that poet John Donne draws when he writes ‘If They Be Two, They be two so as stiff twin compasses are two. Thy soul the fix’d foot, makes no show to Move, but doth if the other do’

Let your love be both a compass to read from, but also a sure and true point to always navigate back to.May you remember Shakespeare’s words that  ‘love is an ever fix’d mark that looks on tempests and is never shaken.’

Let your love be a strength that you carry with you, a taonga that you can touch when courage is needed. Love is, as James K Baxter said is ‘a pendant of greenstone, too hard to bite/cut from a boulder underground. You can put it in a box/or wear it over your heart.’ Its strength will always be with you.

Let your love always guide you together, and give you strength to journey ,and together ‘meet Triumph and Disaster,and treat those two impostors just the same.’

freya • February 16, 2014

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