Freya Hill


Dunedin: A Quirky, Playful Intellectual City

We took the bus to the seaside on the Sunday morning.  We walked along the Dunedin foreshore in the sunshine wearing winter jackets and sunglasses,. Saint Clair beach turned out to be a lovely place to spend our last day in the city of Scarfies, and after enjoying a meal at a busy cafe (clearly the…

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Otago Central Rail Trail – A Winter Adventure

  I warned that there would be at least one point of the trip that I would completely lose it, and possible throw my bike down on the trail and yell ‘That’s it! I’ve had enough.’ He replied ‘Well that’s fine, but if that happens I wil remind you that this was your idea.’ And…

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Jurassic Park

I wasn’t sure if I was safer inside the vehicle or out, but I reasoned that at least if I was inside, they’d know where to start looking for my body if this all turned bad.  I got back inside, and the four of us drove over the cliff. I wasn’t sure what off road…

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Faux Hippies on Fantasy Island

I didn’t want to tell Sarah, but secretly I didn’t mind Crowded House…but this wasn’t the time or place for truths like that. For her, hearing ‘Weather With You’ through the floorboards at 3am was a special kind of torture, and I certainly wasn’t wildly impressed myself.  The flippys had got us again. A New…

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