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Pure and Deep

A Modern Preoccupation: Pure and Deep Play Review

We were late. We’d spent too long at the bar anticipating how great  Toa Fraser’s new play – Pure and Deep– would be that when it came to the crunch we only allowed a few minutes to find a parking space in central auckland on a rainy saturday night. It must have made a bit of…

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Trompe-l’œil: On reading Eleanor Catton’s The Luminaries

  I took it camping with me over New Year, I took it up north over ANZAC weekend. I talked about it in work meetings (‘Is it a good story? I like a good story.’),  discussed it in Wellington (‘Im about half way through.’ ‘Me too’ ‘I keep forgetting which characters are which…might write it…

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Let Your Love

  Last weekend, a couple of cool cats I care for, celebrated their love by getting married. It was a fabulously fun and inclusive day, with friends and family contributing their talents in many ways. Sarah suggested I give a reading, and maybe a poem, and maybe a poem I had written? I’m not much…

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Creative Compulsion

It was a quintessential Kiwi moment. We’d turned up at the gig venue in plenty of time, only to find ourselves in a very suburban little street, in front of a very relaxed looking old house with a path that wound down to an old wooden shed. Exchanging glances, we walked along the path. Once…

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