Freya Hill


A Brief and Unusual Obligation

It was a brief interaction. He was in need of help but unwilling to accept it and clearly prone to impulse. Me, just a woman out for a morning jog, not expecting to have the fate of another life placed into my hands before I’d even had my morning shower. I had noticed him as I…

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All This Love If You Need It

One out of four seemed a reasonable turn out, given our geographical spread these days. For Dad’s birthday last weekend, I was the sole kidult physically present to wish him a happy birthday. But on the morning of his birthday, there was a kind of digital party created, with first a video call to my…

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In Good Company

I jokingly asked a friend recently if they were the weird kid at school, and he said ‘Well yes, but isn’t everybody. Nobody feels like they fit in at school.’ Perhaps this is true. As a child, I didn’t really know or care if I was the weird kid, but I certainly had a few…

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The Broken Wheel

The little girl burst into tears, as I turned and walked back to my car. Her mother, my neighbour, huffed and ushered the children inside. I hadn’t sworn, nor barely raised my voice, but the anger and fear in my voice was pretty clear. My anger was at the mother, who had repeatedly allowed her…

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A Room Of One’s Own

He slipped silently into my tiny house without me noticing, as I dashed about preparing for work. We were each as surprised as the other to meet in my small lounge, yet he continued to do a tour of my abode. As happy as I was to be in the presence of such a handsome…

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You Have Arrived

I missed her desperately. I missed the way we’d go places together, I missed her listening to me in the morning on the way to work, I missed the way she wouldn’t interrupt when I ranted about my day in the evening. I missed the way she didn’t judge me when I swore, a lot,…

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Office High: Class of 2013

It was the puppy that pushed me over the edge. I could handle the baby talk, phone calls to her husband and the step-by-step breakdown of how to bake a potato. I personally would have been too ashamed to say it out aloud, for fear that my co-workers would think me foolish for marrying someone…

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DIY: For Recreational Use Only

Earlier this year I had a small life pause.  I had finished one life in Sydney and wasn’t sure quite where or when the next life would start, so I was at home with my parents for a ‘Winter of dis(content)’. On one hand it was great – lots of time to do things, little…

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Police Care

One Careful Lady Owner

‘I’m sorry, constable, it’s a rental. I’m not au fait with how it works’ is never a great opening line when you’ve been pulled over by the police.  In fact ‘I’m not au fait with …’ is probably a phrase best avoided when speaking to the police, period.  The poor Hastings cop, starting off his…

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Redhead on the right

Ummm thanks: On How to Properly Receive a Compliment

    My name is Freya Hill, and I have red hair. What more is there to say- it’s an objective fact. I was, in the words of Lady Gaga, born this way. I don’t spend much time thinking about the colour of my hair, and occasionally when I see photos of myself I think-…

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