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Police Care

One Careful Lady Owner

‘I’m sorry, constable, it’s a rental. I’m not au fait with how it works’ is never a great opening line when you’ve been pulled over by the police.  In fact ‘I’m not au fait with …’ is probably a phrase best avoided when speaking to the police, period.  The poor Hastings cop, starting off his…

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Movie Moments

I almost died the other week, in the most undignified way too. And most peculiarly, had I bit the dust then and there, my dying thoughts would have been of Robin Williams, dressed in geriatric drag. I’ll back-track a bit. I adore the mid-90’s film Mrs Doubtfire. It has so much going for it- educational messages…

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Welcome to the Vacuum

I am currently in a vacuum. I’m in the murky stage where something is almost, tantalisingly, nearly complete, but yet not quite. My masters thesis is in its final draft stage, printed off and gone to my supervisors, and I sit here in my rather comfortable vacuum, thinking about things I could be, but am not…

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Tingo Lingo

Our  105 year- old dear lady of a house has finally had her roof redone, which is of course fantastic. The pack of buckets we’ve accumulated can be rehomed or released into the wild, and items of furniture can be placed anywhere in a room without having to take into account possible water-damage.  But the…

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Made With Love

I have never been so happy to see the beaming, smooth-skinned face of Nigella Lawson as I was last Thursday night.  In a hotel room in Dunedin without internet, I felt both cut off from my own life and usual means of communication, and overexposed to the news coverage of the Christchurch earthquake.   The…

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Empire of the Mind

Every six months, I meet up for a coffee and a chat with a gorgeous friend of mine. I’ll natter about university, work, my latest exciting recipe or purchase, and in return she’ll modestly regale me with tales of saving rainforests in Brazil, internships in Geneva, orphans in Madagascar and hot summers in New York….

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Superman’s Bad Day

This post really should be titled ‘The Power of #failure’, but that sounded too much like the title you’d see for some kind of wacky TV self-help show which you accidentally end up watching in those insomniac hours between night and morning.  Plus I rather liked the photo, taken outside a museum in Berlin. The…

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Athletically Challenged

I made the most amazing discovery last week; so amazing that I was still thinking about it at 6.20am the next morning, as I bounced on a mini-trampoline in a room full of sweaty strangers. No doubt I had a strange smirk on my face, a combination of child-like glee at being on a trampoline…

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Chicken Chic

I just got pecked by some raging feral hen-beast, whilst sitting innocently out in my own back garden.  I’m pretty sure we’re the only madhatters who allow their chickens to have complete run of the whole garden, like some undersized and over fluffed wannabe peacocks. Chicken keeping is experiencing a bit of a renaissance amongst…

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Seasonal Confusion

#christmas has taken my mind. It’s been replaced by a mince pie, a plate of bbq food and an afternoon nap.  I’ve given up trying to rationalise and justify to myself why it’s ok that I eat poorly, drink more and exercise less. The great Christmas/New Years/#summer Holiday ‘silly season’ is upon us. From mid-December…

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